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One of our top priorities at LipFly is to fully engage in every aspect of your business so as to gain a full understanding of your goals and objectives.  How did you get here?  What inspired you to consider doing this particular type of business/organization?  Who are you hoping to impact and why?  What is most enjoyable about this venture so far? These are some examples of the kinds of questions that will enlighten us throughout our relationship.  Building and establishing a brand takes inspiration, creativity, expertise and lots of support, all of which we are ready to offer you.  In order to convince others to believe in your brand, you must first believe.  We are ready to become your brand cheerleaders.


If you are ready, check out some of the available services we offer in helping you get started:


  • Help identify target group – narrow down what group(s) you are going to be servicing
  • Logo Design – taking your ideas and coming up with a design that conveys who you are and what your brand is
  • Web & mobile sites – build a site that is relevant and functional on all electronics
  • Establish social media presence – determine which ones work best for you and create them
  • Continuity – maintaining web presence – where we succinctly manage all social media sites for visibility